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The agony and ecstasy of snail-mail

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There’s something so satisfying about getting real mail. REAL mail, I mean, not bills or junk mail or 8-tab sales flyers. 

There’s Christmas cards (which come with just the faintest whiff of obligation) and birthday cards (which make you feel warm all over (unless they’re from someone you know you didn’t send a card to for their birthday, because you have no idea when their birthday even is)). And I suppose there are weddings and funerals every so often… but there just aren’t that many other occasions for real mail.

And real mail is nice. It’s so… Continue reading “The agony and ecstasy of snail-mail”

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A strange thing happened

Kodak disc camera
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For years, I didn’t even own a camera. OK, yes I did. I owned a Kodak Disc camera. Which is to say, no camera to speak of. I hadn’t actually taken any pictures since… oh let’s just say… high schoolish. Maybe early college. Which is probably the last time film for Disc cameras was readily available. Continue reading “A strange thing happened”