flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Self-absorption disorder

An anxious person
An anxious person (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Just watching this makes me feel twitchy.

I don’t have social anxiety disorder. I know this, because I looked it up.

I looked it up, because there are nights where the laying-in-bed-torturing-myself-about-the-interactions-of-the-day is almost enough to Continue reading “Self-absorption disorder”

flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Lunch used to be simple

The Flirtation
"The Flirtation" - Image via Wikipedia

I remember fondly a time when lunch was a simple enough affair.

I eat in the cafeteria more often than I go out, both for convenience and for budgetary reasons. It’s usually a 10-minute swing through the cafeteria line, debating what, if anything, I actually want and … usually not having found something I want, exactly… deciding what I will settle upon for my midday meal. Then I take my mildly to moderately satisfying lunch back to my desk to eat while I work. Or, you know, while I check my personal email or whatever. Continue reading “Lunch used to be simple”