Commuter skies – a negative that’s positive

After 3 nonconsecutive hours of sleep, I wake up. Ahead of the small-hours alarm, but not so early that I could do my workout before rather than after work. Though that is what I told myself, as I tossed and turned – that if I was awake again (or still) with 45 minutes left pre-alarm, I would work out. Continue reading “Commuter skies – a negative that’s positive”


Long dark drive

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you can tell why it’s called semi-random flotsam.

It’s very… flotsam-y. Just whatever floats out of my head to this screen…

And that, as you may have noticed, is often rather random.

There are long stretches where there’s nothin at all.

And then I’m back. Spewing my semi random flotsam.

Travel comes up often (which I love and am thankful to get to go). Fitness comes up at intervals. DuoLingo, cooking, work, peeves, faith.

And my commute. If you stick around, you’ll probably tire of hearing of the commute. Continue reading “Long dark drive”


First day back – the day broken down

I gave up and slept at 7:30pm. I just couldn’t keep myself up any later.

But to my body that was the wee hours, not an afternoon nap. So at 4:17am I am awake again. Initially confused and then able to locate myself in time and space: I’m home.

And I’m up too early, for where I am. Try to go back to sleep for a while. Continue reading “First day back – the day broken down”