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Moab: Arches (Day 11)

This morning we have decided we’ll do the hike to Landscape Arch. It’s not a long hike, and relatively flat (as these things go) but it’s been so oppressively hot every day that we decide to start early, bypass all the stops within Arches that precede it, and spend a couple of the cooler morning hours hiking just as far as the viewpoint for Landscape Arch itself. Continue reading “Moab: Arches (Day 11)”

photography, roadtrips to new-where, travel

Zion (Day 2)

We go to get our rental car ahead of schedule, and it’s a good thing because (1) they are as inefficient as it is possible to be and (2) I failed to account for the time difference when making our schedule for the day. Which means we arrive Zion later than planned.

Plus it’s HOT like, well, the desert (which it is) when we arrive, so instead of 2 relatively easy hikes — I planned everything around what my parents might be interested in and able to handle — we do just one. Continue reading “Zion (Day 2)”