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The kind of crazy I am

I have a trip planned for the fall, and I find myself wanting to start  packing for it already. And by that, I don’t just mean, “I catch myself making lists of things to pack at a later, more reasonable time.”  Oh no. The list is well and truly built. I actually want to take out a suitcase, and start putting things in it. Continue reading “The kind of crazy I am”

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Go west! (And wake up confused)

In January 2001, I went to Hawaii for the first time.

It was a direct flight from the East Coast to Oahu. So a good 12+ hours on the plane, minus time change effects, meant that I left at something like 6AM and landed at something like 2PM, feeling already like something the cat dragged in. And this in the days before an extra 2 hours of security clearance time and who knows but that economy seats may have offered precious inches more space per passenger. Continue reading “Go west! (And wake up confused)”

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12-12-12 and other cool dates

The Jetsons
The Jetsons (Photo credit: Wikipedia) in their flying car.

It’s December 12, 2012.

It’s the last year that there will be a triple-repeating date like this for a very long time (in that there is no 13th month, in case anyone is not following along with the reasoning). Best we will do for the next 88 years is Jan 3, 2013 (1-3-13) etc. (Or I suppose, if you’re in parts of the world that put the day first when you shorthand dates: March 1, same deal.) Continue reading “12-12-12 and other cool dates”