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Feeling low. Or high.

Not my Wii Fit meter. The main clues being that I haven’t burned anything like that many calories yet today. And my Mii looks more like, well, Me.

No, wait, low again. What?

OK, so as little as I’ve been blogging lately, y’all (yeah, I said “y’all”, what of it?) have had to hear about my Wii Fit altogether too much. Continue reading “Feeling low. Or high.”

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A tale of two fails – part one

Just before I left for Ireland, I accidentally and providentially discovered that my toaster oven was well on its way to becoming a fire hazard.  So when I returned, in the middle of a heat wave, getting a new toaster oven (with which to heat foods without super-heating or burning down the apartment) was a priority. Continue reading “A tale of two fails – part one”


You’re not that great a visionary

This is going to be a bit of a rant, but I can’t help it: I am so frustrated with this trend among companies – particularly tech companies, it seems – to force their users to do things “their way.”

My company recently got an industry report that talks, in part, about what private information people are “willing” to share. They quote Mark Zuckerberg, as the spokesman for consumer willingness to have their privacy violated. Continue reading “You’re not that great a visionary”