Welcome spring! Spring? SPRING? Where are you?!?

Snow on tree
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Friday it was in the 80s here. That’s unseasonably warm for March in this part of the country, but I wasn’t complaining. After the brutality of this winter, it felt like we deserved a leap-frog into summer. It felt like spring was going to come in gangbusters, just like winter did. It felt very very right. Continue reading “Welcome spring! Spring? SPRING? Where are you?!?”


Snowbound again

Four AM wake-up. I have slept on the couch so many nights that it’s no longer unfamiliar. Still too early, too tired, stomach churning over the minutia of the previous day. Quiet time, prayer time. A coughing jag or two. And then sleep returns.

Six-thirty the travel alarm buzzes. No snooze option, I turn it off and drift. My eyes pop open alert and aware of being late at seven-ten. Oh no. Oh yes. Thank God I can work from home but…

Oh, wait. We have a delayed open today. The second wave of snow was a doozy. Continue reading “Snowbound again”


Frozen fingers

I went out and shoveled today. No help for it; we got 8 inches of snow last night into this morning.  So I waited for it to stop, and then I waited for a break in the work-from-home workday, and then I went out and dug myself out. Or, well, dug myself out enough.

This snow-removal process entails putting on layers of clothes. A scarf, boots, gloves, winter coat. I bundle up like I’m going into the tundra, and then I start moving snow around, and I’m really not cold at all.

Except for my fingers. My fingers are almost instantly frozen, and it only gets worse the longer I’m out there. By the time I’m done, I feel like if I were to hit my hands against something too hard, my fingers might break right off. Continue reading “Frozen fingers”


You gotta be kidding me

ACHD snow plow
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The illness continues… the cold that never ends… and so I worked from home today. Just as well, we got some snow and had a delayed opening, so I was able to get a jump on some things.

Between being miserable-sick, and working all day, I didn’t get outside until 5 or so. Probably wouldn’t have gone out then, either, but I’m running low on orange juice and Nyquil and a few other items that aren’t quite as dire but could be in a few days.

So I threw some clothes onto my sick little self, and went out to face the cleanup. We got about 5 inches, so I expected that there would be that much on my car, and up to twice that behind my car.

Here’s what I was NOT prepared for: Continue reading “You gotta be kidding me”

faith, flotsam

Many hands…

Snowflake magnified usda
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The promised storm came through and dumped 8 inches of snow on us. But for all that, it wasn’t a bad snow. Bitter cold and a howling wind… but no ice came with it. And the snow itself, despite its volume, is fairly light.  My office had a late open, but I worked from home, delaying the inevitable digout. The snow stopped in the early morning, and throughout the day I could hear the sounds of plows and shovels doing their work. The lots and walkways were cleared by midday.

My car, on the other hand, was plowed in. The 8 inches everywhere else was 2 feet behind my car.

OK, so…

Mercy #1: It wasn’t a wet, heavy snow, so I wasn’t in agony trying to move it. Continue reading “Many hands…”