Tired came hours ago.

Hungry, also, but I can only blame myself for that. I forgot to eat at an hour it would have made any sense at all. But there’s nothing “convenient” in the house presently and as the hours tick from small to midsized — and I’m only just getting in bed — I can’t think it’s wise to get up and begin a new whole hoopla of cooking at this stage.

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When I don’t sleep

I try listening to a podcast, with a sleep timer in case (a) I drift off (hopefully) but don’t want to miss the rest or (b) it proves so interesting that it keeps me up.

Sometimes I switch to a different podcast app, to listen to the Bible in a Year. Father Mike’s reading is soothing and what could be a better influence on my dreams than the Word?

But I might not fall asleep and while still being awake for a learning and prayer is good, I still hope to be asleep soon.

All the while, the sound machine tries to sooth me.

Why am I still awake?

Still not my bedroom