Long overdue shopping win

Part two of my tale of recent technology failures will stay on hold for a few more days while I tell you that at the same time I was buying my fabulous new toaster oven, I was also picking out a new bedding set.

I’ve been in the market for a new bedspread, and associated accessories, for at least a couple of years. Probably longer, but that’s about the window of time at which the fact that 10+ years was starting to take its toll on the bedspread stitching became apparent.

The problem of course is that I love my old bedspread set. I mean, I love it. Plus I had all the with-its.
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A tale of two fails – part one

Just before I left for Ireland, I accidentally and providentially discovered that my toaster oven was well on its way to becoming a fire hazard.  So when I returned, in the middle of a heat wave, getting a new toaster oven (with which to heat foods without super-heating or burning down the apartment) was a priority. Continue reading “A tale of two fails – part one”


Um. Thanks. I think.

Books, books...
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I’m a Borders Rewards member. The Borders store nearest home is closing, but so far the store where I usually shop (nearer to work) is not yet on the chopping block.

But if history is any indication, it’s only a matter of time. I’m generally a realist, (okay, yes, I’m often a pessimist calling herself a realist) but I can’t help but hope that won’t happen. I’ve spent a lot of nice afternoons there, sipping coffee, reading, and then hauling out a back-breaking pile of books. Continue reading “Um. Thanks. I think.”