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Unit one, lesson one

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The box of homework contained 4 lesson booklets, 5 audio CDs, 1 DVD, plus a few more booklets and audio files that are part of a second “track” of study. I get from the cover letter that they intend us to do the audio files along with the booklet, and then access the DVD after all the lessons proper are complete. Continue reading “Unit one, lesson one”

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There’s homework

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As I may have mentioned, I recently signed up for a photography course. This is something I noodle on from time to time. I love taking pictures – I especially love taking really good pictures. But truth be told, it is only by grace that I ever actually do take good pictures (or anything else good, for that matter) because, in point of fact, I know nothing about photography. No. Thing. Continue reading “There’s homework”


Ugly hands


Ugly Nails
ravaged nails

I need to stop biting my nails. They look horrible.

I read that nailbiting could be related to a shortage of calcium or magnesium in the body. And to be fair, I really don’t eat any of the foods on the “rich in magnesium” list I found today.

Whatever. It’s not just biting, actually. I also pick and peel at my nails. And my cuticles. It’s a mess.

I know they sell nasty-tasting stuff that I could spread on my nails to help dissuade me. And maybe it would help sometimes… at least as far as catching my attention when it is actual biting and in that absent-minded, absorbed-in-a-book-and-not-paying-attention way. I’ll think about that.

That wouldn’t help with the pick-and-peel aspect of my issue, though.

Here are some things that I know I could do differently that would help at least a little bit (because they have before): Continue reading “Ugly hands”