today has a theme song

A song in – or maybe for – my heart

As I type this, not as it posts, it’s the actual day of the actual Baltimore Festival of Running. I am not running. I did my marathon, twice, earlier this month.

But the air is crisp and the sun is shining. It’s a glorious Autumn weekend morning… it’s a lovely day to get out and move.

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creation bears His fingerprints, flotsam

Red bird

As I type this, we don’t yet have a shelter-in-place order here — but I have been, since I came back from the office last week. (And basically for the week before, as well.)

For the foreseeable future.

Everyone else who’s self-isolated seems stir crazy with the sudden smallness of their world — but really, until I fling myself across the globe on a trip (no time soon, alas), this is my normal.

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