What we make room for

It might continue to be a fight with groundless cases brought forward to delay the inevitable, or maybe he’ll pick up his toys, arrange whatever ill-begotten pardons he intends, wrap up whatever mass shredding exercise is going on, and start his next adventure.


Yeah. We’ll see.

There is a temptation to celebrate, to put this chapter behind us with relief, to lay our hopes in a bright future and congratulate ourselves on disasters averted, to mock those who feel this as a loss as they actively mocked those of us who grieved in 2016.*

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Uncharacteristically political

This post is going to be way outside my norm. I really don’t do politics in my posts, generally speaking.

It’s also almost a week behind the times (because that’s how my posts are running) and these days that may mean some other thing is on fire and making me insane. But here we go.

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This is a little bit (a lot) all over the map. I can’t help it. I’m processing on paper. There is a lot of more than semi-random flotsam floating in my head, and I’m finding that it’s more political than usual. Sign of the times, perhaps?

I am pretty much the least political person you’ll ever meet. I’m a moderate in general. I don’t affiliate with any party. This is in part because I understand how affiliating with a group causes us to identify and tribalize in ways that aren’t always helpful. It’s also in part because I don’t think either party uniquely represents me. Continue reading “Struggling”


Who to believe

The liberal media (which is most of the media) paints the ban (his original word for it) as a violation of rights, a ban on Muslims (which is a slippery slope to religious persecution to any/all faiths), all kinds of bad things. The conservative media (you have to go looking for them) says it’s just a return to pre-Obama’s 2nd term immigration levels plus extreme vetting (with some poor execution and bad decisions on green card holders mixed in)

And in these days of fake news and unreliable sources and assorted informational mayhem, I don’t know what to believe. Is the liberal media creating a false frenzy, or is the conservative media being used as a mouthpiece for the Oval Office?

Neither of those would be a good thing. 

So how am I to interpret the travel ban? Is it all just keeping campaign promises and cutting red tape? Or is it using yet more executive orders (sigh, again, really, like there wasn’t enough of that before?) to politically questionable ends? Was the inclusion of green card holders in the ban the not-unexpected sort of early-days execution mistake that ultimately gets quickly corrected, or a deliberate calculation, a negotiation tactic to overstep what is reasonable and give a place to backstep to?  Is it all really a Muslim ban (which will likely further radicalize some) or will the media’s characterization of it as such be all that requires anyway?  Is the fact that countries with Trump properties aren’t included a sign of nefarious self-serving motives or simply a natural outcome that a reasonably well-run business tries not to put expensive resources into locations where the risk is unduly high?

I don’t know. Maybe all of the above; good and bad outcomes playing out together, because only God is truly good and because really thinking of anything else (everything else) as being so clear cut is part of the problem that causes divisiveness today. 

I do believe that there is objective Truth, but when it comes to opinion, you being right doesn’t necessarily mean I’m wrong, especially if the issue is complex and multifaceted. 

And with all that, the travel ban isn’t the top concern I have, and is probably not the most important issue we should be talking about. But it’s got the headlines, and it’s a bit easier for me to parse through my confusion. 

Conclusions? None. Other than the only man I can trust to get it all right is Jesus. And that I should probably get in a workout; one thing that I know will do me good and is at least somewhat in my control.