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Non-problems and irks (sweating the small stuff)

There are real problems to ponder. Real issues to be irate about. Turn on the news; pandemics and natural disasters and the markets and the political nightmare-of-the-day.

Plenty of bigger matters.

But sometimes, the small stuff is just easier to focus my ire on. Like a rest for a weary mind.


Cafeteria Fail

Like, that the disappointing pizzas in the cafeteria are allasudden mini pizzas, not slices.

They aren’t suddenly any better, mind you. It’s just a different size and shape. Single serving. This is probably coronavirus related. Not wanting people to touch things.

But: The boxes to carry away are for slices, not mini-pizzas. They don’t fit.

Also, the mini pizzas are roughly (I would guess) the equivalent of two slices (I always buy one slice). And there’s no prices for the mini pizzas. I doubt they’re free, but there’s nothing so much fun as not knowing the price of something when you buy it. Especially if you know going in you’re probably not going to eat it all, so … wasteful.

The calorie sticker they still have up is also the per-slice sticker. So there’s another mystery I wasn’t hoping to build into my day.

Whatever. I think I have a granola bar up at my desk.

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flotsam, peeves

Top 5 ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 (coronavirus)

I am not a doctor. I am not in any way whatsoever part of the medical field. So of course if your doctor or medical practitioner, or the CDC or AMA or WHO come out with further advice, please do follow their guidance. Stay healthy out there, folks.

With that hope in mind, for the moment here are the 5 things I have gleaned from a close listen to the reporting and advice to date, just to boil what we know so far, down to the essentials.

So don’t panic – just start with the basics …

5. Thoroughly wash your hands, (meaning for about 20 seconds, preferably with soap & hot water if available – or with a sanitizer with 60% or higher alcohol content), and generally keep your hands away from your face. Continue reading “Top 5 ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 (coronavirus)”


Small trials, small victories

S is a much better person than I am. For a lot of reasons. But here’s one.

She doesn’t let things make her crazy.

Like, the day after we went to Shock Trauma, and she came out scratched up and bandaged up and in 2 casts, we stopped at the local CSV here, to get emergency refills of a few things, plus a bunch of other supplies, because quite obviously she was going to be here longer than planned.

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