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Moab: Arches (Day 11)

This morning we have decided we’ll do the hike to Landscape Arch. It’s not a long hike, and relatively flat (as these things go) but it’s been so oppressively hot every day that we decide to start early, bypass all the stops within Arches that precede it, and spend a couple of the cooler morning hours hiking just as far as the viewpoint for Landscape Arch itself. Continue reading “Moab: Arches (Day 11)”

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North Rim and beyond (Day 4, part 2)

Before we left home for this trip, we’d made last minute adjustments –ultimately deciding to forego the attractions of Page AZ, Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell (future trip!), and instead see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

We have a bit of back-tracking at the start – Dad asking me, at one point, if we are going all the way back to Zion – before we meet the road south towards the Grand Canyon, stopping for breakfast and coffee (and the addressing of the ever-present Gas Status Check) but a few hours later we arrive at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Continue reading “North Rim and beyond (Day 4, part 2)”

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The sunrise that wasn’t (Day 4, part 1)

Dad is up early as always, but his movements get me up to check out the sunrise situation in Bryce. I slip out, letting mom – still in bed – know I have my key and a flashlight, and head out. There’s thunder and lightning (we should stay indoors) but no rain so I hope for the best. Continue reading “The sunrise that wasn’t (Day 4, part 1)”