Nine holiday specials that make it *really* seem like Christmas

There are a lot of Christmas specials out there.There are cute ones, and nostalgic ones, and funny ones, and (if you spend any time on the Hallmark Channel, romantic ones). It would take forever to even LIST all the specials out there, let alone find clips of all of them… Continue reading “Nine holiday specials that make it *really* seem like Christmas”

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Movie and dessert

Thursday night I went to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader before it left theaters, and then came home to bake cookies.

Those two thoughts aren’t related, it’s just the order in which things happened.

The only place that was still playing the movie NOT in 3D has converted over to a dine-in theatre.  You pay double to see the movie, and the extra money is a credit you can use to order food. From the waiter. In the theatre.

Um, okay. I guess this is good for those dinner-and-a-movie evenings when you’ll never make the movie if you eat and it will be too late to eat after the movie.

Or something.

Dawn Treader was fine, not entirely faithful to (or, of course, as good as) the book but faithful enough for a movie. Now I’m doing the math and hoping they’ll be able to get the Silver Chair and Last Battle movies out quickly. You know, in case the world actually ends in 2012, it would be good if they released The Last Battle before that. It would be so… apropos.

Oh my goodness, I am so ridiculous that I just have to laugh at myself.

Anyway, after the movie I came home and made cookies. I had plans on Friday night to have dinner with friends and I was planning to bring dessert. Normally this would be a buy-something kind of deal; none of my friends are surprised if I opt to buy rather than cook. You can all but count on it.

Not so, this time. Ho ho!

I have oats in my house. I have chocolate chips in my house. And  though I don’t have raisins that’s OK because I remembered that my friend A—- doesn’t like raisins in cookies, so it works out that I had cranberries to substitute.

So I made cookies. Oatmeal-craisin-chocolate-chip cookies. From a very highly-rated recipe from AllRecipes.com.

Here’s how that went: Continue reading “Movie and dessert”