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230 and other milestones

So we’re at 230 days (and posts) for the year.

We’re also 28 weeks (and counting) at getting the daily workout (and goal steps).

And of course, you can count on me still doing my Duolingo daily.

So although many things are out of kilter these days, I’m keeping what I can on track.

What are your little victories?


Goals revisited

It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been here a while that I’ve continued to work my Duolingo … so recently I hit the three year mark, both in time…

Thanks for the well-wishes Duo!

And in days of lessons…

My streak is 3 years old (one a leap year)

(Also hit the 1100 day mark since then. Of course.)

And of course I’m still doing this every week:

Which means I’m doing my 30 minute workout every day.

Also I’m hitting my 10k daily steps since Feb 2 (though Fitbit added a streak count every day – yay – it wasn’t retroactive in its count so it’s only off by… oh about 80 days or so). 😉