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3 of 10

There’s a Facebook meme going around. A bunch of them really. 10 things you are thankful for. 10 albums that impacted you. 10 travel photos.

Ok so T – from my Asia trip – tagged me in the travel photos challenge. 10 photos, 10 days, no explanation, tag someone else. (Yeah, my wall on FB is locked down tight and I’m not assigning homework to anyone. But if this inspires you, feel free to consider yourself challenged!

So: Day 3 of 10


When in Rome (or in my case, Dublin)

English: An example of the newly-designed Guin...
English: An example of the newly-designed Guinness glass, put into use in April 2010. It was designed to gradually replace the older tulip-shaped glasses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What new things I tried while circling Ireland for 12 days: Continue reading “When in Rome (or in my case, Dublin)”

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And then there were pictures (and video)

The sound of English on Irish lips sounds almost like music, full of laughter and lilt and not always easily understood… in that I listen with an American accent.

The country is beautiful and brilliant (when it’s not dripping rain, which it largely didn’t when I was there) and verdant (because it often does drip rain). “Emerald Isle” is apt and my photos don’t do it justice, mostly because the camera doesn’t know what to do with so much green at one time. Continue reading “And then there were pictures (and video)”