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Virtual reunions

My friends from the Asia cruise on the Sapphire Princess had talked about getting together again. We hadn’t even parted when reunions were discussed, and shortly after we got home, we batted around a few possible cruise destinations to meet up again.

But… well, I don’t have to say it. We all know. COVID-19 happened. Continue reading “Virtual reunions”


Solo mission NW: passing Crescent Lake

My virtual trek around the Pacific Northwest continues. I’m still working my way around the area near Olympic National Park.

The 5-6 miles I walk each day aren’t exactly racing me along the route. (I only add the biked distances to my Africa loop). But that’s ok. I do occasionally put in a crazy number of bonus miles. Marathons & such, you know.

And the scenery is lovely, even just a few miles at a time.

I hope you’re finding your adventures where you may, in these challenging times.