December 6: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This port wasn’t on the original itinerary. Panama City was – now we’re just making the transit. And Nicaragua was, but apparently that port has been cut from virtually all the itineraries. Rumors abound amongst the passengers about whether it’s based on local unrest, COVID, or some combination. (Or you know, something completely different, and probably utterly prosaic, like comparative port costs or something.)

Who knows? Anyway, back to the port at hand…

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Tired came hours ago.

Hungry, also, but I can only blame myself for that. I forgot to eat at an hour it would have made any sense at all. But there’s nothing “convenient” in the house presently and as the hours tick from small to midsized — and I’m only just getting in bed — I can’t think it’s wise to get up and begin a new whole hoopla of cooking at this stage.

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