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So tied up in the last minute hoopla, I thought for a moment that I’d missed it. 😳

But I didn’t. 

This is for my good friend: fellow survivor of work insanity, man of faith and music, tennis enthusiast, blogger, poet, collector of mostly-unread books, sometime hiker,  frequent dreamer of oft-nostalgic dreams, and possibly future owner of a general store. 🙂

Best as always to you and yours, and very happy birthday wishes today! 🎂

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Invisible strings

This looks familiar,
Vaguely familiar…

I spent the weekend at a reunion – if you can call a first-time meeting a reunion. But in this world of online connections, these people who came together to bring and receive Christmas cheer have become something more. A mini-tribe, as it were. It’s hard to believe that 8 months ago, we were all strangers. Continue reading “Invisible strings”


The un-hostess

My friend L. is a natural hostess. She is the queen of events, whatever the event. A birthday, an anniversary, a graduation. She does not just think about what a great idea it would be to have a party. She has one.  Her house is perfect for hostessing, and I’ve never been there and not seen it looking, well, sort of perfect.

And even when everyone involved has agreed that it will be just a simple, no-muss-no-fuss affair, she turns it into something special. She’s the person who can throw some corn chips and hummus on a platter and have it look festive, instead of like a pile of corn chips and hummus thrown on a platter. And there’s always, always, too much food, and it’s all always splendid. She is an absolute wonder.

Me? I am not a natural hostess. At. All. Continue reading “The un-hostess”