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VAL: Ethiopia ahead!

By this time tomorrow I’ll have crossed over into Ethiopia!

Actually by the time this posts I’ll have long since crossed but you know. Magic of scheduling, because I had those trips planned. No worries I’ll be back to “real time” shortly.

Anyway, I might have to look for an Ethiopian restaurant for this one. So far most of the recipe calls for spices I can’t readily get or wouldn’t use often enough to warrant the investment. Or they start with saying things like, you’ll need (something I’ve never heard of) but no worries that’s readily available in your local Ethiopian food store.

My whatnow? No. I don’t think they understand my problem. I don’t even have a local Ethiopian restaurant.

I haven’t given up yet though. There’s time, there’s time, to decide whether or what to make.

Still, progress on the map is encouraging!



Tired came hours ago.

Hungry, also, but I can only blame myself for that. I forgot to eat at an hour it would have made any sense at all. But there’s nothing “convenient” in the house presently and as the hours tick from small to midsized — and I’m only just getting in bed — I can’t think it’s wise to get up and begin a new whole hoopla of cooking at this stage.

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