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Friday Flotsam: Endless Varieties of Roasted Chicken

It began of course with the basics. Thyme as the primary seasoning.

Always the roasted chicken is stuffed with onions – for flavoring the meat though it’s fine to eat some too. Usually there are potatoes, often carrots, last time, plantains.

Since then it’s a rotation of flavorings.

Lemon, infused with thyme.

Home-roasted garlic butter under the skin.

Or Berbere and other seasonings, an Ethiopian flair.

Or this week, with a jollof seasoning rub from Ghana.

A roasted chicken is a great excuse to invite the folks over, to share a meal. Plus all the leftovers to enjoy for days after.

Do you have a favorite way to season a chicken for roasting? Let me know in the comments. I’m always tweaking to make something otherwise basic into something new.

Not this week’s chicken