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Virtual runs (continued)

While I try out MyVirtualMission.com and do a solo run from roughly home to roughly NYC, S and I used the related site, TheConqueror. I may have mentioned that S had tried their English Channel challenge to try that out. She liked it, so we joined the Inca Trail Marathon and worked that as a Team. Continue reading “Virtual runs (continued)”

Fitness and Other Temporary Obsessions, flotsam

230 and other milestones

So we’re at 230 days (and posts) for the year.

We’re also 28 weeks (and counting) at getting the daily workout (and goal steps).

And of course, you can count on me still doing my Duolingo daily.

So although many things are out of kilter these days, I’m keeping what I can on track.

What are your little victories?

@Fitbit, there is something wrong with me

Working on my record

(Not the music kind. This is me we’re talking about.)

(And, yes, because it is me, I do wish it was a record related to crossing off more travel destinations from my extensive list of places-to-go, but alas, that must wait a bit longer so we can all be a bit safer and healthier in the process.)

No, I’m still doing all my adventuring indoors.

Over the weekend I stayed super active. I kept moving as much as possible – workout, weights, (pause to make coffee), another workout, pond work, yard work, (pause for lunch), more yard work, shower, laundry, pacing, dancing… Continue reading “Working on my record”