Dad, doodles, and day lilies

Fathers and daughters, fathers and sons.

It’s Father’s Day weekend as I write this (weeks before I’ll post it).

It’s a pleasant early-summer day, which means my day lilies are doing their thing.

And yes, the fence line does give away that there is an extremely steep hill in my ‘yard’

Sunday church means coloring during services:

And an outdoor & distanced cookout at Dad’s for Fathers Day. For which I made the brownies, touched up with walnuts and a little leftover hot fudge sauce because that sounded good and also because that all needed to Go. Away. From me.

experiments in cooking, flotsam

Breaking curfew – kind of

Technically my state relaxed some of its stay at home rules as of 5pm this day. So we were not violating them.

And each of our families has been keeping to ourselves. Maybe not as diligently (they might say, extremely) as I might want them to, but even so. We’ve been apart from most of humanity for months, and none of us has been sick.

We can all keep our safe distance, together. Maybe. Continue reading “Breaking curfew – kind of”


May 27

I’m writing this on May 10th. Mother’s Day. I wore my mask and walked over to mom and dad’s for the first time in COVID-time and the first time this season and the first time probably in 2 years because walking there is not a thing when we have extremes of either heat or rain, and last year it seemed like we alternated between the two.

But I’ve gotten off track. So anyway…

It was Mother’s Day and I got to see my Mom, which was great. Dad bought us all a take-out lunch (thanks again Dad!) and I saw my family as a whole (distanced in general and masked a good bit of the time as well) and we played some fun games (which did not require us to cluster).

It’s a good family day!

It’s also the post that – because of my scheduling delay – will go up on Wednesday May 27, midweek after Memorial Day.

Which if I am remembering right, is Uncle Steve’s birthday, and Libby’s birthday.

And knowing that ahead means I’m missing my NJ families, and my uncle, albeit in different ways.

And so I’m just pausing in my semi-random flotsam, to be thankful for all the people who bless my life, but aren’t in my life day-to-day, whether that separation is just-across-town-but-COVID, or across-state-lines, or across-the-great-divide.

You’re loved. You’re missed.

And I’m so thankful for you!

Happy birthday LibbyLou!



I don’t know why I looked on a Tuesday midmorning during a pandemic, but I did.

Surely there would be nothing to see, if I pulled up Find My and looked where my family is. Of course they would all be in their respective homes. Where else could they be?? My folks don’t have a grocery pickup until the end of the week. My sister and I both have deliveries set up.

There’s no reason to glance because there’s no reason anyone should be out. Nothing to see here, right?

Wrong. Continue reading “Oh FFS”