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Too much and just right

It’s hard to remember that I used to occasionally entertain.

It’s hard to remember how that went. How much is enough or how to decide on a plan that’s of a scope that’s reasonable for the number people in attendance.

Or maybe I was just so excited to have company again that I went a little crazy.

Either way, the weather is nice enough to be outdoors and the anti-cicada enclosure seems to work (plus they are starting to fade) and all the attendees are all vaxxed up. So why not go a little crazy?

Winding down

The menu involved a massive charcuterie tray (ice packs between two metal trays to keep the food cool), plus mini pizza (not shown) plus spanikopita (not shown) plus fruit-cheese tartlets.

For FIVE of us.

It was too much food.

It’s more peopling than I’m used to now, by a lot.

But it was a great time too!

And as much as I might have overdone the menu, I had fun and it felt right … to have company again. To end a crazy stressful week with family fun and bit of festivity.

And more to come, with my sister’s birthday celebration and Father’s Day fun to come.


True confessions of madness. Mad-men-ness.

Mad Men
Mad Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

True confessions: I haven’t been watching Mad Men this season.

I love the show, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that… well, FIRST, the last few seasons had a tempo, episode-wise, that went something like this:

The first few episodes will be interesting, but something of a let-down after the high drama of the prior season finale. The characters will develop and story lines will shape, but as each episode draws us closer to the finale, the pace will Continue reading “True confessions of madness. Mad-men-ness.”


Nine holiday specials that make it *really* seem like Christmas

There are a lot of Christmas specials out there.There are cute ones, and nostalgic ones, and funny ones, and (if you spend any time on the Hallmark Channel, romantic ones). It would take forever to even LIST all the specials out there, let alone find clips of all of them… Continue reading “Nine holiday specials that make it *really* seem like Christmas”