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Day 10: (Port Kelang) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The port where we’ve docked is a good hour from Kuala Lumpur proper, so there’s ample opportunity to nod off en route.

But I wake up in time to see the city, the old train station, the national mosque, the war memorial and museum visit. And of course, to see the towers.

(G had already done this tour, so he really didn’t need to come do it again. But I’m on it, so he signed up again. Did I mention, likes me lilbit? – More than a little, and a lot more than like, he says.)

As usual, because of the long ride and the full itinerary, everything we stop to do is a big rush.

Back on board the ship, we head to our cabins – no socializing this afternoon … It’s packing night. I’m carrying off (which I debate briefly but ultimately decide is the only way I’m getting everything off the ship). I get squared away, showered and dressed for dinner, when G calls to say that T has invited everyone to come down and meet for drinks before dinner.

I buy everyone a round, and we all have a great time hanging out.

Then we go for a final dinner (or is it last supper?) The one that seems less “forever.”

Afterward we all go to the last show which is really quite awful but none of us is willing to leave the group to skip out.

Finally that torture ends, and we say our goodbyes, give hugs, and surprisingly manage not to cry all over each other.

Because all these initials I’ve been using don’t do them justice: Trudy, Greg, Viviana, Andy, Patricia, Suzanne. May we all meet again. ❤️

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Day 9: At Sea (Annular Solar Eclipse)

It’s an at sea day, and for the first half of it, everyone will be on the upper decks, staring at the skies.

Our gang, sans ND who is probably at the gym, all meet up for breakfast (T and I arriving first, since we live on that deck), then we all linger at the pool as the AM hours pass. Continue reading “Day 9: At Sea (Annular Solar Eclipse)”

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Day 8: Christmas At Sea

I wake up Christmas morning, easing into the morning, trying to time when I can call home to try to catch the family together for the holiday. Ultimately I can’t get through until later than planned but I happily use my last 15 minutes of connection to talk to my sister, BIL and the girls. They look happy and festive for Christmas Eve, while I am windblown on the sunny promenade deck on Christmas Day. Continue reading “Day 8: Christmas At Sea”

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Day 7: Ko Samui, Thailand (Christmas Eve)

I wake up for another tour planned for this morning, and every fiber of me is screaming to just skip it. I’m a swirl of negative anticipation: The monkey demonstration will probably be a depressing experience of animal misuse, there are two more temples to tour, when I simply cannot face any more temples, and a beach stop. I’m not beachy. I’ve already been to Bangkok Thailand so it’s not a new country seen, and I feel so over it. Continue reading “Day 7: Ko Samui, Thailand (Christmas Eve)”

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Day 6: (Laem Chabang) Bangkok, Thailand

I was supposed to get my passport back so I could depart to Bangkok today, but I got in after they stopped handing them out at 10PM. G as well, of course, in that he was up talking to me to all hours.

G and I are supposed to meet for breakfast before the excursion, but when he gets there, he explains that he left his cabin without his key card. In other words, he’s locked himself out of his cabin (and his ID to get on/off the ship) and has to go to guest services. So since we also have the passport issue, and he has fast-pass status, we both skip breakfast and go … he gets a new key and we both get our passports. Ready to go! Continue reading “Day 6: (Laem Chabang) Bangkok, Thailand”