Frozen fingers

I went out and shoveled today. No help for it; we got 8 inches of snow last night into this morning.  So I waited for it to stop, and then I waited for a break in the work-from-home workday, and then I went out and dug myself out. Or, well, dug myself out enough.

This snow-removal process entails putting on layers of clothes. A scarf, boots, gloves, winter coat. I bundle up like I’m going into the tundra, and then I start moving snow around, and I’m really not cold at all.

Except for my fingers. My fingers are almost instantly frozen, and it only gets worse the longer I’m out there. By the time I’m done, I feel like if I were to hit my hands against something too hard, my fingers might break right off. Continue reading “Frozen fingers”


New sweats, warm… feet?

For Christmas I got new sweatpants. I don’t wear sweatpants out-and-about, or even on casual days at home. Mostly, I use my sweats as pajama bottoms when it’s cold at home. Or when I’m somewhere other than home, like at my parents’ house, where it’s acceptable to pad about in pajamas so long as one is decent.

The sweatpants I keep at my parents’ house for such a purpose are, um, well worn. Holey, actually. They have been sewn back together in more than one strategic place, and there is a hole in the knee that simply cannot be sewn back together. It’s so big that Continue reading “New sweats, warm… feet?”