A belated collection of flotsam

Toffifay? Charleston Chews? Caramello? I remember the commercials for these things but I didn't know they were still available.

There’s a Wawa in Delaware where the candy aisle is full – full, I tell you – of candy I didn’t know was still available. It was like entering a 1980’s time warp. All I needed was to look up and see someone in purple legwarmers, and the effect would have been complete.  Well, that and if I could have found a box of Alexander the Grapes. That would have been awesome. Continue reading “A belated collection of flotsam”



When I come down, my parents have already settled into their morning crossword ritual. I start myself a cup of French Vanilla coffee in the Keurig machine, then join them at the table. Sales fliers promote whatever will be on sale tomorrow.

The only sign that this morning is any different from any other morning is that we greet each other differently: Continue reading “Festivities”

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One of the things that I really like about this time of year – busy though it is – is that it seems to give people who’ve started to lose touch, to get together again.  Gatherings with teams I no longer interact with regularly, lunches with former colleagues, phone calls with old friends, and of course the holiday gathering with my family.

I am not sure what it is about this season… whether it’s the overflow of love poured down to us, or an overabundance of holiday nostalgia, or what … but it makes me want to reconnect. 

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Holiday prep

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I love Christmas. Growing up I loved all of it: the magic and the mystery, the excitement, the decorations and the music, and most of all the Christmas story. We didn’t go to church when I was growing up, not even at the “big” holidays, but I understood what Christmas meant.

I’m grown up now … and it means more to me now, though it took me years and years later to reconnect to that meaning. God so loved the world…

I love Christmas, the true Christmas. The secular aspects? Less enjoyable. Continue reading “Holiday prep”


They’re rushing the holiday in too soon

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Yesterday, (at least) two of the radio stations near me converted to “all Christmas carols, all the time.”  I shouldn’t be shocked by this. The first year one channel converted for the last 12 days before Christmas. Must have been a hit, because the next year it was all of December, and more channels jumped on board. It backed up to the day after Thanksgiving. And now, there I was, 1 week to Thanksgiving, with “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” on the air. Continue reading “They’re rushing the holiday in too soon”