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Have yourself a merry little breakdown

It was getting on in the evening yesterday when my phone rang. It was Sis, checking in on some details, and then sorry both for the fact that I was still working  and for interrupting that work. I on the other hand was just happy to hear her voice, and more than welcomed the short break. I had needed it.

Then I wrapped up a few odds and ends for the office, logging off and finally put myself to bed ridiculously late. Clearly I was a bit out of it by then, as evidenced by Continue reading “Have yourself a merry little breakdown”


Nine holiday specials that make it *really* seem like Christmas

There are a lot of Christmas specials out there.There are cute ones, and nostalgic ones, and funny ones, and (if you spend any time on the Hallmark Channel, romantic ones). It would take forever to even LIST all the specials out there, let alone find clips of all of them… Continue reading “Nine holiday specials that make it *really* seem like Christmas”


Seasonal Nostalgic Disorder (SeND)

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions
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SeND Type 1 

A good friend of mine found himself standing in a store last Saturday. It was packed with people, and there was nothing there he particularly wanted to buy. Still, it’s down to the last week until Christmas, and that immutable deadline looms large. Continue reading “Seasonal Nostalgic Disorder (SeND)”