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5 things paper books still have over eReaders

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No one could be more surprised than I am at how much I have come to like my Kindle. (And I didn’t even mention the part about how I doubt silverfish infestations are a worry with an old Kindle.)

But the war isn’t yet over, folks. There are still some ways that real paper books are still superior to eReaders. At least… for now: Continue reading “5 things paper books still have over eReaders”

flotsam, reviews

5 things I love about my Kindle

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...
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I was opposed to the whole idea of an eReader. I love books, you see. Even the tactile aspects… the feel, the smell.

But. Well. Two of my family members got Kindles for Christmas. And my boss lives on hers. And the idea of an e-Reader started to be one that I didn’t reject out of hand. Continue reading “5 things I love about my Kindle”