Once again: not a real post

If I’m not going to post a blog (and apparently I’m not) then I could at least put in a little effort to share some of the blogs I’ve read and liked lately.


  • Weird Al takes on Word Crimes… and makes me so happy in the process! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, 101 books. (This also makes me want to go watch “White and Nerdy” again, by the way.)

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Throwback… Tuesday? (kindred spirits)

Yeah, yeah. The meme is “Throwback Thursday.” And it’s only Tuesday. But sticking to the meme proper would be insufficiently flotsamy for my taste.

Plus, who can wait that long?

I posted this back in 2010, originally. So much has happened since then. So much has changed, and so much is the same. And something wonderfully exciting is brewing on my horizon, and this post helps put some context around an exciting new development for those who haven’t been here long enough to know why…
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flotsam, there is something wrong with me

Mildly phobic

Illustration of Peter Rabbit from The Tale of ...
I am not phobic about bunnies. If you are, I am very sorry if this image upset you. I understand if you have to drop me now. Illustration of Peter Rabbit from The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Fellow WordPress Bloggers, bloggers I follow in particular and creators of online content in general,

Hey. How are ya? Good, good.

Look, (if I’m following you) I love your content. It’s fabulous. Keep it up.

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