flotsam, today has a theme song

Hey Al!

On September 1 as a rule — and also on pretty much any day of the year that I desperately need to pull myself out of the funk that all this (gestures around vaguely at the frustrating and/or alarming state of this fallen world) leaves me inclined to feel — I pull out my iTunes library and put my copy of cuppa joe’s Forty on repeat for a while.

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April 15

A holy Good Friday.

And a Happy Tax Day (if there is such a thing).

And for those that have been here long enough to remember the boy, today is his birthday.

Time passes and I don’t know where or how he is. I hope he and his wife and their son (maybe more children by now?) are doing well. I hope they are as happy and healthy as it is remotely possible to be.

And I hope this day is a happy one. For him, on his birthday. 🎂

And for you, as well!