decorating and other disasters

And the beat goes on

And then there was my bathroom.

For starters, the medicine cabinet and the baseboard heat both had issues similar to the one in the kitchen: wall paint had been applied to both of these metal elements. The main difference was that in this case, it’s a steamy environment to boot, so I’d already had to make touchups, almost as soon as I moved in. Though on the plus side, I was considerably less likely to be injesting it in this case.

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Today I was bathed in rainbows

I did take this picture, but not in the shower this AM. What, did you think this was THAT kind of blog?

There’s a small window in my bathroom. It’s in the shower, and the glass is lined with something to make it opaque, so that as long as the window is closed, one does not put on a show for the neighbors immediately behind the building. Unfortunately, that window is also the only ventilation for my bathroom – you know, that place where one takes the oft-steamy showers – Continue reading “Today I was bathed in rainbows”