experiments in cooking

Kitchen antics

So, my fridge is currently stocked. Meal after meal at the ready, so that I can just microwave or toast up a serving of something.

Fresh veggies in the rotation while they last.

Oatmeal on the shelf for when I want something easy later. Or maybe if I want to cave in on all my good intentions and make a dessert. Like I should be living alone with dessert. (Hint: I should not.) Continue reading “Kitchen antics”

experiments in cooking

What to do, what to do?

So, as you all know by now, I’m obsessively getting my workouts and steps every day.

As I tend to do once I start exercising, I’m also watching how much I eat. Which means I look and feel better. I’m also losing weight – and while I don’t think losing weight should be the primary focus, the reality is that I was an unhealthy weight. I didn’t look or feel good, and I knew I was pushing into dangerous ranges for my long-term health.

So, yeah. Losing weight. Clothes fit better. Well, no. Most of the clothes I was wearing went from fitting better to too big to Seriously; put these away, where are my previous size?

And that is great.

That said, there’s also food in the fridge. And some Continue reading “What to do, what to do?”