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Back to Greece

Meals for this week will be themed and inspired by my visit to Greece

Homemade tzatziki. Who would have imagined something made from cucumbers and plain yogurt (okay: and garlic and lemon and dill, so that’s where the magic happens) could be so delicious?

It’s going to take an act of will not to lick the empty container when it’s all gone.

I’m also making… seasoned beef inspired by gyro and souvlaki flavors… and spanikopita. With Kalamata olives as a delicious garnish to it all.

Delicious, but too much food!

Now all I need is a glass of wine and good found-friends, and I’ll (almost) be back in Greece again.



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Breaking curfew – kind of

Technically my state relaxed some of its stay at home rules as of 5pm this day. So we were not violating them.

And each of our families has been keeping to ourselves. Maybe not as diligently (they might say, extremely) as I might want them to, but even so. We’ve been apart from most of humanity for months, and none of us has been sick.

We can all keep our safe distance, together. Maybe. Continue reading “Breaking curfew – kind of”

experiments in cooking

Another week of meals

Back a while I made all the meals for what turned out to be almost two weeks.

Like, two weeks ago, actually.

After the same rotation of meals, comes another weekend and more meals to prep.

So I already mentioned the granola.

Other meals on the docket will be:

Chicken fajitas (I couldn’t find a kit in stock but I had all the spices to make my own fajita seasoning mix and the rest was on hand)

Dirty rice (normally I would do Zatarains and just add some extra vegetables but that’s been sold out forever so I’ll be trying from scratch.) With yellow instead of green peppers because the heart wants what it wants.

Outcome: just as not pretty as always, and still delicious.

Pizza (I didn’t bother trying to make flatbread this time. Boboli will do…)

That ought to do it!

Dirty rice from scratch for the win