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Virtual African Loop: Chicken Yassa

It turns out that poulet yassa is a traditional dish in both Senegal and Guinea, helping me catch up on the culinary aspect of my misadventures.

I decided to work from this version, though I also found a Guinean recipe that I decided I could also try if this one seemed promising but wasn’t quite the thing.

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today has a theme song

A song in – or maybe for – my heart

As I type this, not as it posts, it’s the actual day of the actual Baltimore Festival of Running. I am not running. I did my marathon, twice, earlier this month.

But the air is crisp and the sun is shining. It’s a glorious Autumn weekend morning… it’s a lovely day to get out and move.

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Voices Carry

Lights out. Settle, still.

What sounds like voices?

Try to locate… out back, out front?

It’s a steady drone but almost certainly with vocal intonations.

Like a distant TV or AM radio playing.

I don’t usually hear the neighbors through the walls. But maybe that’s what that is?

Unless it’s something else; some other white noise source with variations my mind is turning into voices?


Well. That’s a bit irksome.

I’m tired. I’m not going to solve this mystery tonight.

White noise on.

Good night.



Happy birthday miss Grace!

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Stepping up (but not out – obviously)

This got more obvious as my state put a formal stay-at-home order in place as of last night. Not that I was doing otherwise. Anyway…


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