Time zones and daylight savings, then Thanksgiving and the official start to Christmas shopping season. Seasonal decor to render things festive.

Leaf raking and the introduction of a sharp back pain that is all new. Oh Lord, have mercy.

And then the return to my early hours commute. The early rise not as much of a shock as I expect, though the drive feels longer today (heated seats a blessing for my still-sore back).

But the rain won’t come for hours and the temps will be above freezing then, and a lack of ice and snow is a bonus and a boon.

Fluorescent lighting in the office is sharp and stinging – especially juxtaposed against the dark of the morning – but the office is quiet and calm in these early hours, and my eyes have time to adjust to the unfamiliar brightness.

Things to do, a blessing for me and a way to bless my clients – even those that irk.

It’s official: I’m back.


Not enough time (and too much food)

I took a couple of days off last week, because two of my very best friends came down for the first time in a little over a year. And it was wonderful to have them here. I just wish they could have stayed a bit longer (and hopefully we can schedule some time again soon)!

(Incidentally their visit came just a few days after I was able to have a brief lunch-in-transit with my best friend from college, so it really was like a reunion week.)


Anyway, they arrived Wednesday evening. We chillaxed and watched a movie and had popcorn and sipped a smidge of wine for the first night.

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