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Hey Al!

On September 1 as a rule — and also on pretty much any day of the year that I desperately need to pull myself out of the funk that all this (gestures around vaguely at the frustrating and/or alarming state of this fallen world) leaves me inclined to feel — I pull out my iTunes library and put my copy of cuppa joe’s Forty on repeat for a while.

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August 7: Depart Glasgow and at Sea

Technically we depart Glasgow around 3am. This is for those who took the evening excursion to Edinburgh for the Tattoo. We were scheduled to sail at 2am, with all expected on board by 1:30am.

One bus back from the Tattoo was late — probably because it was waiting for misplaced people. Apparently those folks ended up returning to the ship via taxi, having at last missed the bus which needed to get the rest of the tour back. We sailed once we had them on board.

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