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The nieces

While we were away, First Beautiful Niece left for college. No, I don’t know where the time went.

(Of course if we had known her schedule back when we were planning, we would have shifted our trip — but it was too late by the time we learned. We’ll know better when Second Beautiful Niece is heading off to school.) Continue reading “The nieces”

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The trek

The conception was 6 years ago. I was in Ireland on a tour, and there was one group of brothers and sisters all on the tour together. It turned out that one of them had, in turn, taken each of their nieces and nephews on a trip of their choice as they graduated – and after the first one had chosen this tour, all the others did too. Now that all of them had gone, all of their parents who had never been, were now doing the same.

My oldest niece would have been just 12 then. But this idea of taking them on the adventure of their choice as they graduate – I loved this. Continue reading “The trek”