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Flotsam Friday: Chilean Deliciousness

So while I’m doing a new solo virtual challenge from South to North America, I decided to prepare a regionally inspired dish for each country as I “get there.”

So to speak.

Since I “started” in Chile and am approaching the Argentinian virtual border I needed to get going and fix something.

So that involved some really delicious beef empanadas. I had to look high and low for a recipe that was not egg-laden (because #EggsMakeMeVomit) but I found this one and gave it a go.

Chilean Beef Empanada Recipe: A Delicious and Easy-to-Make Main Dish

The Verdi t was that they were very good. I will note that I made a sriracha-sour cream dipping sauce for them because I like my food zippy and that’s not part of the palate of this dish. But all in all a win!

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