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Moving Monday: Gondor and the Great Barrier Reef

This week saw some new milestones reached on my two challenges from The Conqueror: Gondor and Great Barrier Reef.

On the LOTR Gondor challenge, which I’m pedaling, I’m just at 80% of the way there.

My steps meanwhile have been going toward The Great Barrier Reef and I also reached 80% this week.

So the end is in sight for both of there (though at my current pace it is not at all clear that I’ll finish either one this week.

I’m only 1% of the way along my new personal challenge, based in the Americas , but I am approaching a border, which means I need to prepare a dish for Chile before I cross into Argentina. So you can look forward to that later this week.

Anyway, I have miles to go before I sleep. So I best get to it.

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