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Flotsam Friday: Very Proud

Tomorrow I’ll attend an important milestone event. My First Beautiful Niece is graduating from college.

This seems unfathomable. I still remember the first cries of this now-young-woman as she entered the world, nurses gasping, “Look at that hair!” Our lovely red-head. I remember how she would cry like to break your heart when you put her to bed – cry like we were physically hurting her by putting her down when she was tired and needed sleep. As little children do. I remember the days she stayed with me while their family prepared their move to Maryland and we watched The Muppet Movie. “What does Kermit sing about?” A tiny voice says, “Rainbows!”

Now that little peanut is all grown up, hard working and brave-hearted and wiser in the world than my brain can remember… and yet still keeping all of the buoyant, fun-loving adventurous spirit we have known in her all her life.

When my sister was carrying this little peanut so many years ago, the song on the radio was I Hope You Dance.

And she does, and I’m so glad.

I’m so proud of you sweetheart. I’m so thankful to God for you. And I’m so happy to watch you walk up and get the piece of paper that confirms this accomplishment and frees you for the next stage. The next adventure!

She deserves a medal! But they’ll prolly just hand her a scroll or a folder full of vellum.

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