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Moving Monday: The Longest Route

I was in the middle of pandemic lockdown when I created what would become the Virtual African Loop. I was well into that challenge when I first heard of the longest route.

Intrigued but not inclined to give up on my current virtual challenge, I set up a parallel challenge so that when I reached Cape Town, South Africa on the downward path on my African loop, I also started The Longest Route – giving myself the 3 year max time to complete it.

And – well – I finally finished it. It look me almost 1.5 years to complete but it’s nice to wrap this up.

I have to decide now whether to set up another personal challenge. And if I do, I have to decide if I want something I can finish before my account expires in September or if I want to renew for another year so I can push on.

I considered looping Europe or Asia. I considered creating a trek along the west coast of North and South America. I considered the Pan-American Highway, which stretches 30,500km (almost 19,000mi) between Ushuaia, Argentina, to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (very close to the length of the African Loop).

Or you know, maybe something more manageable. Have any thoughts? I’d appreciate them!

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