Reading Wednesday: Light Reading, Heavy Reading

I whipped through the next three books in the Joe Pickett series by C.J. Box – the next two were on hold probably for a week or two, so that made room for the meatier stuff that came available after weeks on the waitlist.

So here’s this week’s reading list:

  • Free Fire (Box)
  • Blood Trail (Box)
  • Below Zero (Box)
  • Caste (Wilkerson)

Caste is insidious and therefore powerful because it is not hatred, it is not necessarily personal. It is the worn grooves of comforting routines and unthinking expectations, patterns of a social order that have been in place for so long that it looks like the natural order of things.

Isabel Wilkerson

Powerful writing, thought-provoking and weighty.

And then because the next weighty book was still pending, I whipped through another Scalzi series, which felt eerie considering it was written in 2013-2014. Just Wow.

  • Lock In (Scalzi)
  • Head On (Scalzi)
  • Unlocked (Scalzi) – Prequel to the other two

Now I’m into another classic, and more heavy reading, so I have my reading planned ahead.

More to come!