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Moving Monday: LOTR Challenge

I may be the most appalling slacker when it comes to getting my steps lately, but I usually do get some pedaling in.

And that means my LOTR challenges are progressing nicely.

Completed Helm’s Deep – on to Gondor

I finished Helm’s Deep this week, and kicked off Gondor. I’m doing the longer version of the challenges – bike vs foot-friendly – so the 660 miles will take some time to accomplish.

Which is good because I’ve done all the other really long challenges for pedaling already. So this gives them some time to maybe come up with a new one.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go jump on my pedaled and pretend I’m covering distances. While I read something new.

(And if you are wondering why I’m not reading LOTR while I pedal the LOTR – it’s because by the time the Hobbits are lost in the Old Forest in the first book I’m starting to feel like we are traveling it with them in real time – an unending slog – and I just can’t even.)

Also I read the Two Towers as a kid and didn’t like it. — Reading trilogies out of order is not recommended BTW. If only Google had been a thing at the time.