Reading Wednesday: Weighty Stuff

I’ve worked my way through all but one of the novels in the pile, and the CJ Box book I’ve been waiting for only just came in.

So the list for this week is short. Only one novel; It’s mostly weighty and substantial. Things to dive deep into, not just wade through.

  • Their Eyes Were Watching God (Hurston)
  • What Paul Really Said About Women (Bristow)
  • Junia Is Not Alone (McKnight)
  • Nice Racism (DiAngelo)
  • Biased (Eberhardt)

I was very diligent about making some progress every day. So much so that I hit all the quarterly Kindle goals for their New Year Kindle Challenge.

I have found that – as much as I love the tactile elements of real actual books – the scent of an old book, the feel of pages – I am fully converted to digital books now. I like reading one-handed while I pedal without fearing I’ll lose my grip on the book, sending it flying and losing my page. I like being able to read on a screen in the dark without turning on a light. I like being able to change the font size at will.

The print size is a big factor honestly. I picked up one book I loved but on paper the print felt small and faint and NOT being able to up the print size was really an UGH moment.

How much do I prefer digital books at this moment? I’ve taken books out of the library in digital form – books I bought in hardcover or paperback but have not yet read. That’s right, I am now borrowing books that I already own, because I am more likely to actually read them on a device than in print format.

And so with all that, I’ve wrapped up my 50th book of the year. I set myself a goal to read 52 – a book a week this year – so I’ve already extended that goal.

Just as well for me to make the progress now. With any luck I’ll get start getting busy at work, and maybe I won’t have so much mental space for reading then.

But until then – bring on the books!