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Moving Mondays: Rohan to Helm’s Deep, and the West Coast

After peddling my little legs off (necessitating a reduction in daily miles to save my aching knee), I finished The Conqueror’s Lord of the Rings Rohan mission and move on the Helm’s Deep.

Meanwhile I’m about 60% of the way through the West Coast Trail challenge, and still stepping my way along.

I do have to say though – I’m missing my step goal most days. Wait, no. Every day.

Part of that is my step goal was so high – 16000 steps a day – and following the close of the VAL challenge, I slacked off a bit. Yes I still work on the TLR challenge but honestly I’m bored to death with that one. And missing my step goal means I’m not going to finish by the end of the month – but hopefully o could be done by the end of April.

And yes, I did give thought to defining a new crazy challenge. Cooking myself a meal to go with each new virtual country and culture was a hoot.

But I’m not sure yet whether I’ll do that. I guess I have some time to decide.

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