Reading Wednesday: This Week’s Books

I’ve been reading all week.

Among this week’s entries were 2 of a 4 book series by Octavia Butler — but when I went to start book 3 I realized that books 1 and 2 stood alone and I didn’t have to continue in order to get something from the story. And it felt like it was already full. So I didn’t continue.

  • Wild Seed (Butler)
  • Mind of my Mind (Butler)
  • Winterkill (Box)
  • Educated (Westover) – Reread
  • On Tyranny (Snyder)
  • The Invention of Wings (Kidd) – Reread
  • Bag Man (Maddow)

I have two other books in process right now. One is a novel that I don’t remember starting but at some point in the far past I apparently quit around chapter 6. I had to go back to catch up and now after restarting, I’m in chapter 7. There are (checks to confirm) 31 chapters. I’m not going to make it. The other book is not a novel, and it’s very good but it’s not a light read. It’s not a fast read. Maybe by next week.

And I have been waiting for the next book by CJ Box to come in from the library. I was next in line when I made the request. I’ve been waiting for almost three weeks. It’s not that long a read. His books go fast. The entire length of a digital loan is 21 days so either way it has to come back in 3 more days. Check the book back in.

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