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Moving Monday: Virtual Brazil to Virtual British Columbia

It look me a bit longer than it should have, but in a final push I did finish it this week: Virtual Estrada Real

And with that behind me, I started virtual West Coast Trail, which runs almost 50 miles along the coast of British Columbia Canada. Virtually of course. In fact I’m still getting the majority of my steps in my own basement. Occasionally some of them on the stair climber in my office.

This should take me a couple of weeks to finish.

Of course I’m still pedaling too. That I do all of in my basement. And for that I’m still working on The Conqueror’s 6th Lord of the Rings virtual challenge: Rohan. In which Aragorn has reached Edoras.

So that’s this week’s challenges. I’m reading while I pedal so on Wednesday I should have another list of books to share. Not quite as long as last week maybe, but a list nonetheless.

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