Reading Wednesday: So Many Books

Okay so since I split this week’s posts, I put off this post by an extra 2 days. And that let me squeeze a couple of extra books in…

So here’s what I’ve completed this week…

  • ✓ The King’s Justice (Donaldson)
  • ✓ Go Tell It On The Mountain (Baldwin)
  • ✓ Outside Wonderland (Cook) —When did I read this before? I remember none of it but it’s all so familiar as it unwinds, I must have.
  • ✓ I Beat the Odds (Oher)
  • ✓ The Fire Next Time (Baldwin)
  • ✓ The Testaments (Atwood)
  • ✓ Between the World and Me (Coates)
  • ✓ The Human Division (Scalzi)
  • ✓ The Dry Grass of August (Mayhew)
  • ✓ The End of All Things (Scalzi)
  • ✓ Savage Run (Box)

The two Scalzi books on the list mean I finished the Old Man’s War series. Totally worth reading… and I’ve picked out a few of his other series starters to get engrossed in, to see what worlds unfold.

The one I just finished is Savage Run by CJ Box, whose works I mostly know because I travel with S and she travels with Readers Digest Condensed Books and that author appears in them often. This was book two in that series. I read book one two weeks ago. I’m planning on working through that series between other things.

I have some more Octavia Butler books on my radar for the weeks to come.

And yes I still have a fair number of the Stack-O-Books to work through. Not to mention unread items on my Kindle app as well.

But the Stack-O-Books IS much smaller now

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