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Moving Mondays: two virtual challenges

My medal for my completed Great Barrier Reef challenge came! I’ve decided the reverse is so pretty that I’m displaying it backwards.

I’m still slowly walking Estrada Real, and I started one of the Lord of the Rings challenges to pedal.

Since I already did Estrada Real – the long version – via pedaling, I don’t get terribly excited when a postcard arrives. There is a certain degree of just checking off boxes.

The new Lord of the Rings challenges are more fun though at the start I am a bit lost. The fist five challenges followed Samwise and Frodo from the Shire to Mordor – or followed The Ring, really.

The new challenges ostensibly follow Aragorn (and therefore also Legolas and Gimli) from the point at which they parted ways with Sam and Frodo. But the first few plot points help connect me to everything and everyone and it’s a bit distracting. Also it turns out I must not pay as much attention to select portions of the movie (or maybe they tend to get edited for length when watching on network TV) so I have momentary lapses. Oh yeah. I remember that now. Hmm didn’t leap to mind though.

Anyway I’m thinking I might walk the Conqueror West Coast Trail next. Maybe. If I ever get Estrada Real behind me. At the current rate, that won’t be this week.

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