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Weekly Update: Happy Presidents Day

And of course a happy recent birthday to the lovely and bright 22 year old in my life.

It was a heck of a week this week – some really challenging days and a couple of actual WTF moments at work.

But of this I will not speak further.

My reading streak continues and I’m working my way through the pile of books that built up since late 2019 as well as few newer releases I had on my list. Some recent completions:

  • ✓ Fairy Tale
  • ✓ White Fragility
  • ✓ Still Just a Geek
  • ✓ I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
  • ✓ Open Season
  • ✓ How to Be an AntiRacist (Audiobook)
  • ✓ If God is Love Don’t Be a Jerk
  • ✓ Parable of the Talents

Next week I have books by John Scalzi, Stephen R Donaldson and Ta-Nahisi Coates in the queue, among others. We’ll see what I actually get to.

Of course I’m still doing a bit of Duolingo French every day, as well as working my way through my Conqueror challenges. I’m more than halfway through my walked challenge: Estrada Real. Meanwhile, there’s been a big push the last couple of days to try to finish The Great Barrier Reef challenge, which I’ve been pedaling.

I’d slacked off a few days along the way, so in the end, a couple of days where I averaged 40 miles got me there:

With this one behind me, I think I’ll pedal the new Lord of the Rings challenges next. I’m still deciding which virtual challenge I’ll do next for my walking efforts – but I have some time to make that decision.

And with all that, I’ll need to fit in, well, work. Like a person does.

How goes it with you?