Weekly update thru Feb 12

Two weeks in the gap of weekly instead of daily posting. It feels … weird.

So here’s the update since last week.

I am reading – I have 3 books in progress and by this time next week I hope to be able to report some of them complete, but until then I’m happily soaking in words.

I finished the Yosemite virtual challenge and started Estrada Real.

If you are observant enough to be asking yourself, Wait? didn’t she do that one last year? then firstly, well bless you I can’t believe you remembered that — and secondly, I did, but this challenge has a long and short version and previously I pedaled the long version of it. Now I’m walking the short version.

I’m still pedaling my legs off for the Great Barrier Reef. Although one day I really did too much – trying to actually pedal them “off” perhaps – so I had to scale back to avoid injury. I’ll be fine, don’t worry.

The Conqueror also rolled out a new 3-part series based on the Lord of the Rings and I’m considering whether to do those as my next pedaling challenges. I’ll need something looooong, and that should do it. Plus I did the earlier 5-part group so … seems like a fit.

Meanwhile this week was busy at work. Not projects, just background work and proposals and meetings. My social anxiety – or I guess social regret since it hits me after conversations, not in anticipation of one – was quite high.

But it’s all good. A new week begins and we’ll hope for the best.

Plus this will post on someone very special’s birthday.

Love you Dad!